Santa Clara's Glorious Past

Mission Santa Clara de Asis on the Santa Clara Campus.

The present building is an enlarged replica of the original church built on this site in 1822. In 1926, the old mission church was destroyed by fire. The St. Francis Chapel at the rear of the church is the only remnant of the 1822 church. The University of Santa Clara was the first institution to offer classes in higher learning in California.

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The Berryessa Adobe is currently owned by the City of Santa Clara. It was originally constructed by the Galindo Family, circa 1849-50, the Adobe was located in an undeveloped area approximately a mile from the site of the Mission complex. The adobe is an approximately 36 x 18 foot one story structure with a garret and outside stairway at the east end. Its address is 373 Jefferson Street. The adobe was completely renovated for the 150 sesquentennial anniversary, then re-dedicated in Oct 2004 to introduce to the public the added pre 1900 interior decor and gardens. A tour schedule is being arranged for interested parties.     


   The Jamison Brown House at its original location at St. Agustine Drive in Santa Clara before it was moved to its present location behind the Triton Museum.This house is 138 years old. The seven room house was built in 1866 by Samuel Jamison on his orchard lands on Coffin Road near the Bayshore Freeway.Its second story contains a magnificent room paneled with some 100 different kinds of wood from all over the world.The room was done in the 1930s by PM Mill craftsmen during remodeling of the home. The home is currently under exterior renovation.


The Carmelite Monastery SE gate. 1000 Lincoln Street c.1917 The Monastery is an award winning example of Spanish Ecclesiastcal architecture.   


Lick Mill Flour Mill produced the finest flour in United States. Later, it produced the paper that the area's green fruits were wrapped in before shipment back East. This round brick structure is just NW of the former Lick Mill Mansion.

    Lick Mill Mansion Located at 554 Mansion Park dr c1858 The interior is made of a lovely mahogany. James Lick originally was from Pennsylvania, after making his fortune in South America settled near the Guadalupe River. Lick's estate established the observatory on Mount Hamilton, where Lick is buried. 


Santa Clara Railroad Depot is located at 1005 Railroad Ave. The station was originally built by the San Francisco & San Jose Railroad Co. on the east side of the tracks and later moved to it's present locaction. Restored to it's original condition by the South Bay Historical Railroad Society in 1993. It is the oldest continuously operated depot west of the Mississippi.


     Santa Clara railway and tracks in early morning, looking SW from Coleman overpass, photo taken in 1992. The old Pacific Manufacturing warehouse is seen on the right hand side


SES Hall is of cultural importance located on Lafayette & Lewis Ave

"Portuguese Community Immigrants from Portugal, the Azores and Medeira Islands came to California in the late 1890s. Some first lived in Hawaii where they worked in sugarcane and pineapple fields. Santa Clara had mild weather similar to their homeland and they became successful dairymen and farmers. In 1896, Portuguese immigrants founded the SES Hall as a center for their close-knit community. For many years, their annual parade and festival have attracted large crowds." information taken from City of Santa Clara's historical portion of their website"


The Walnut Growers Association Bldg

The Walnut Growers Association Bldg on North Lafayette before it was remodeled into lofts. Photo taken in 1999. The plant was built in 1926 of redwood and metal. It used to process 10% of all walnut output in the State.

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